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About Craig Brooksby - The Estates LLC

Hello There,


My name is Craig Brooksby. You’ve probably seen me online, at a meetup or met me at one of the many REIA’s throughout the country. We are launching www.estatestracking.com  into more states across the country. We are looking for solid flippers and lenders.For a limited time we are allowing people to sign up into the back of the system to become a Lender or Flipper in the system.


What exactly am I talking about here?


I’m talking about wholesale properties.


Thousands of homes from all over the nation that hit our system daily. Of these homes,

Our team members are trained to select, research and upload into our database the most profitable homes, the deals with the ‘Spreads’. 



Hop on one of our online meetups or attend one of our local meetups near you.

If we’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person or chatting together on the phone,

 you know that I’m a very frank person by nature. I like things straight up, and so I’ll tell you just like I’d tell you face to face.


We are only looking for serious buyers and lenders who have money to spend and the ability to perform. 

So, what do you think? Is it exciting to think you can potentially have all the access and as much volume as you want to The properties delivered to you by a system that is second to none?

It is the ultimate goal of our company to provide current and future money-makers like yourself a system that provides you with such an opportunity.

 Base Hits and reduced waiting!

Not sure you have enough to invest?

 Just network! We can also put you in front of references to private lenders who want to lend you money or equity share with you in your projects. The lender, flipper, and wholesaler combined is what makes a powerful team.


You made it! This is the end of our offer. If you are interested in learning more about how we can find you properties and possibly money to purchase properties, get on a meetup call, so you can learn how to personally “test drive” the system for your specific area and get to know some of the private lenders in your area. You will be able to view properties coming to you hot off the plate. If you would like to see this system up front and personally or you need IRA 401K help, we’ve got you covered. Sign up now for the meetup that suits you!!!


Craig Brooksby 


 Or text me at 702-327-4556